Motherboard Bounty Program

So you have a motherboard that you REALLY want an armor for but it just hasn't been made yet? Well, there is a possible solution - The Bounty Program. I'm placing bounties on motherboards and you can help. 


Here's how it works:

1. Check this document to see which motherboards have open bounties and which have been claimed. If you don't see your motherboard on the list, send an email to see if it's eligible. 

2. Email me with what boards(s) you're claiming a bounty for and wait for me to respond with a confirmation*. The contact info is at the bottom of this page.

3. Send your motherboard to me including a declaration of the condition** of the board. A shipping address will be provided with the confirmation email.

4. After receiving your motherboard, it will take 10+ business days to measure, design, test, revise, more testing, and finalize your armor.

5. In return for filling the bounty, I will send you back you motherboard with any accessories (if any) that you sent with it along with your new custom designed limited edition*** armor.

*Bounties are limited to 1 per motherboard and awarded on a first come first awarded basis. 

**The motherboard doesn't need to be functional, it just needs to not have anything broken off it, such as heatsinks for VRMs or missing PCI slots. T

*** The armor itself will not be limited edition, but the design etched into will be limited to 5 pieces, with the Bounty provider getting #1 of 5 with their bounty awards. The other 4 pieces will go in the shop. After the 5 pieces are sold, the design will be retired and not released again.