Motherboard Armor Installation

Now that you have your new motherboard armor, you may be wondering how exactly it's supposed to fit on. Well, here's how you install a motherboard armor, in case you haven't already figured it out.

  1. Turn off your computer. You should unplug it too, just to be safe.
  2. Lay it down and open it up. Trust me, this makes installation MUCH easier than trying to install your armor with the motherboard perpendicular to the ground.
  3. Remove components. You'll need to take out the GPU and the CPU cooler. CPU can stay as well as the RAM, provided that the ends don't protrude past the locking tabs that hold the DIMM in place. Most cables can stay in place.
  4. Remove the motherboard screws. This is why you want the case to be laid down flat. I doubt you want your motherboard sliding out of your case. Your armor will determine how many screws you need to remove, but any that are covered by the armor should get taken out. Generally speaking, it'll be 8 for ATX and Micro ATX boards and 4 for m-ITX.
  5. Remove standoffs. After removing the motherboard, use either a socket or pliers to remove you case's installed standoffs. For ATX and M-ATX, the standoff above the rear I/O should be left alone. Remove all four in a m-ITX enclosuer. If there is any non-standard hex stand, such as in the center of the Corsair 780T, they should be left alone. 
  6. Replace motherboard tray standoffs. Use the shorter standoffs 
  7. Replace motherboard.
  8. Replace screws with standoffs. Any screw that you've taken out should get replaced with a standoff. If you have trouble using your fingers to tighten a standoff, you can use either and 3/16" or 4.5mm socket to secure the standoff.
  9. Place armor in. Go in at an angle and start around the RAM DIMM slots. It may take some wiggling to get around any VRM heatsinks, if you have any, but the armor will lay flat. Promise.
  10. Put screws into washers. These are tiny screws and not magnetic, so be careful.
  11. Install screws into armor. Use these screw & washer combos to secure the armor down just like if you were installing a motherboard.
  12. Reinstall parts. Put your CPU cooler and GPU back in.
  13. ENJOY