M.2 Drive Options

Just like with many other parts of this hobby, you have a number choices when it comes to how you want to handle the covering of your M.2 drives with the armor. With a S-Ranked Armor, you have three choices (or four, depending on location), which are pictured below on an example ASUS X570 TUF GAMING

M.2 Cutout options

 With Option A, there are two 3mm holes cut above where the drive is. Those holes are for attaching a 1/8-inch (3.15mm) thick copper block and thermal pads that press directly on to the drive, thus making the armor above it a heatsink. The copper blocks with thermal pads and screws are sold separately as a kit that you can find here.

Option B is to have a pattern of cutouts above the drive. In this case they're hexagons and can be any other simple shape such as triangles, circles or squares. Note that the minimum size for each hole is 10mm and can not be placed any closer than 2.4mm apart. This is to keep the structural rigidity of the material. 

Option C is to have a large cutout for a heat sink. Currently the openings are sized for EK Waterblocks M.2 heatsink (https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-m-2-nvme-heatsink-gold). Other heat sinks my be possible, but is highly dependent on the size. 

Please note that all of these options are available in place of a stock heat sink as well and that they do not have to match on the same armor. Also, if there is a location that has a stock heatsink, like the bottom of teh motherboard pictured above, you do not have to choose any of the above options.

Also please note that for Option B and C, if you  request either a shape I have not designed for or are using a heatsink that is not from EK, it will lead to a longer lead time by at least 2 days.

Lastly, note that Options B and C are at no additional cost.