Here are some questions that come in very frequently. This page will be updated as time goes on 


What size motherboards to you make armors for?


Can you make armors for ITX boards?

Technically yes, but usually I'll decline to make one.  It's not that there's anything wrong with m-ITX. It's just that there's not enough surface area to make an armor that won't have multiple fault points where the metal could, and most likely would, crack. Also, the way that coolers mount with Intel sockets means that on m-ITX boards there ends up being a large gap between the socket and the DIMM slots. 

 Can you ship to my country?

Yes. As long as UPS or DHL are willing to deliver to your location, then there are no issues with shipping. Shipping fees are usually in the $40-$50 range for international armors, but this could be higher depending on your location. Shipping is calculated at checkout via Shopify. Please be aware that the shipping fees do not include import tax/duty/VAT/GST/whatever it may be called in your region. You will need to pay this fee to your import authority before the shield can be delivered.

Can you make an armor for XXXX motherboard that's not listed?

tl;dr Yes.*

Long answer : *Yes, as long as I can get my hands on the board for a period of time. The design for each board needs to be physically tested for fitment. If I can't physically get the board in question, I can still design an armor, but I won't guarantee that it will fit. For boards not on the Bounty List, they can still get sent in to have an armor made for $75 USD and will get a code for free return shipping. 

It also depends on the motherboard. Very high end boards, like the ASUS ROG ZENITH II Xtreme, won't be getting an armor designed unless the boards comes through the Bounty Program. or gets sent in. If the boards isn't available for purchase in the general public, the possibility of it getting into the store are slim.

If the board is older, say 1 to 3 chipset generations back, getting a shroud is possible, but you'll either have to send your board or be willing to pay for a motherboard along with the cost of the armor. If you pay for the motherboard and armor, both will be shipped to you.  For those that send their motherboard, you'll get free return shipping within the USA. 

When is XXXX armor going to be in stock?

The store has moved to a On-Demand model where armors will be made when an order is placed. Turn around time is 2+ days for an armor that is in stock and 10+ business days for one that needs to be made. Please send an email to find out what's in stock.  If you're concerned about timing and/or want to customize the M.2 opening, please email first.

Do you still offer laser etching?

Technically yes, but this is now handled offsite. Timing for custom designs for laser etching will range from a few days to over a month or more. Complexity is the main factor for the range in timing. Pricing starts at $300 per design.

Can you paint the etching?

Technically yes, but you won't see much, if any, of the etching afterwards as the paint will fill in the etching. 

Are there other ways to customize an armor?

Yes. We offer engraving and creating custom stickers. Engraving is deeper than laser etching, but lacks the ability to create the fine detail that laser etching can do. This means that engravings are paintable. Pricing for custom engraved designs starts at $50 and increases upon complexity of the design. Timing will increase depending on the design as well, with a bare minimum of 3 days needed. 

 How long does it take to make a motherboard armor order?

For most orders it takes about 7-10 business days.  If you add paint, the time would increase again by 2 days per color. That being said, any customization will take 10 business days minimum.