And We're Back!

Posted by Sean-Paul Adams on

Adoption is wild, but we've made it through the most nerve-wracking part and are finally back home. It's great news for us to be back in a place that is actually home, mainly because eating take-out for two weeks sounds awesome, but trust me, it's not.

Just to recap, the ICPC process that I mentioned in the last post went pretty much exactly as we were told it would and took nine business days. It was surreal to be somewhere that's not home for so long that it starts to feel like home.  

All that being said, being back is even better news for you as it means that shipping is back on schedule! It's taken some time to get caught up, but everything is a go for orders! This also means that the discount for shipping or paint has ended. But never fret, more deals will be coming soon.

On a side note - who's excited for CES announcements? Even though the in-person part of the show has been cancelled (because of course it has) I know I am, especially with Intel's 600 Series motherboards starting to come to market. Maybe you'll start to see them in the shop (probably not that MSI Z690 GODLIKE though...)

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